Intensive Courses
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Intensive courses are taken Monday-Friday and between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm. The hours are usually split into 2 hour 'chunks' spread over 1 or 2 weeks, (arranged in advance around pupil/instructor availability), with the test at the end.

For pupils seeking a more 'semi-intensive' course, we are flexible, and can usually spread the course over a longer period.

We do not offer an intensive course aimed at beginners, but for novice drivers who wish to take their test quickly, recommend taking a series of 1 or 2 hour lessons to develop your basic skills, before planning an intensive course.

Both courses are subject to the pupil taking an assessment lesson of 60 minutes which costs 25.

On booking the course, the pupil must pay a deposit of £100, and then pay the balance in full on or before the FIRST lesson of the course.

The pupil must have passed their theory test to be able to book the practical test. Intensive courses are subject to availability, and are only offered if the pupil meets the required standard for course A or B during the assessment lesson.



This is a short course which is ideal for someone who has had a fair amount of tuition and feels almost ready to take their test for the first time, or someone that has recently failed a test (with perhaps just one or two serious faults), and who needs to 'brush up' on their skills.

This course consists of 12 hours of tuition, a weekday daytime practical test and car hire for the test.- Price £369


This is a longer course aimed at the learner driver with basic to fair driving skills. You will have typically previously taken at least 12 hours of driving tuition, and should be confident to drive on minor roads, and carry out at least the turn in the road manouvre under control.

This course consists of 24 hours of tuition, a weekday daytime practical test, and car hire for the test- Price £639